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Bandung Tourism | Rental Mobil Bandung

Cepat, Mudah & Murah

Explore Bandung Tourism with Rental Mobil Bandung

Here is Top 10 Things to Do and What to See in Bandung Tourism with Car Rental Bandung ( it’s usually called Rental Mobil Bandung

Bandung Tourism is definitely something that people always regard as a well-known place in Indonesia and to travelers who have been to West Java. Many locals will recommend going there for shopping, food and cool respite. It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta with Renta Mobil Bandung Many travelers would say they have their best Indonesian experience here.

Bandung Tourism also talk about the food is cheap and delicious, the things are cheap and in huge variety and important Indonesian attractions are nearby. Therefore, it is no surprise that the whole place evolved around Bandung Tourism industry so come here and have fun with Rental Mobil Bandung

Here’s is the Top 10 things to Explore and Must See in Bandung Tourism:

  • Get Rental Mobil Bandung and Go Shopping Factory Outlets

I am not exaggerating here, nobody goes back from Bandung empty handed. Especially if you go to the factory outlets at Jl Riau or Jl Dago, you will find all the hidden gems of quality clothes, shoes, bags and all else in various famous brands. All the items you find here are in good condition, brand new but in half the price!

  • Get Rental Mobil Bandung Driver to Catch Sunset at the Valley

If you are looking for another option to dine in Bandung, you can choose to go to The Valley for dinner. This Western restaurant is located at a hilltop with amazing sunset view. The food is good too, so enjoy your meal while watching the sunset over Bandung city.

  • Ask Rental Mobil Bandung Driver to Bring You Eating at Kampung Daun

One of the Bandung’s best restaurant, many tourists come here for the relaxing ambiance with bamboo huts, streams, and waterfall. Food is not especially delicious but it is extensive and inexpensive. Come here for the overall experience of enjoying Indonesian cuisine in a comfortable and serene outdoor setting.

  • Command Your Rental Mobil Bandung Driver to Get Lost in Pasar Baru

This epitome of Indonesian market in Bandung, you can get lost here and find all sorts of things that delight you. Travelers come here to source for fabrics and souvenirs. Prices here are unbelievable too especially if you have special bargaining skills. Though do take care of your belongings as this place is really crowded.

  • One of Bandung Tourism Spot Enjoy the Musical Performance at Saung Angklung Udjo

This traditional musical performance is one of the best way to explore Indonesian culture. It is a 2 hour show of several parts including puppet show, mask dance, Angklung performance and dances with little kids. Watch the performance and maybe also participate in an Angklung workshop *, they are bound to delight.

  • Wonderful Bandung Tourism Highland Walk off The Beaten Path in Search of Rice Terraces

How can one come to Asia and not be awed by towering rice terraces. Unknown to many, Bandung actually do have rolling rice fields and some rice terraces in the highlands. Bribe a local to tell you the location is and head there for a soul refreshing time. There’s one apparently in Ciwidey!

  • Well Known Bandung Tourism Kawah Putih (White Crater)

Definitely in the top of the list of attractions for its stunningly beautiful lake as if set out of a movie. It is 2 hours away from Bandung city center and in the highland. The place is cooling but beware of sunburn as it is still really sunny here without feeling it. This is a sulphuric lake as it comes from a volcano.The entire area can be explored in 30 minutes. Many people come here either by car hire or through a Kawah Putih, Bandung Tour *.

  • The Bandung Tourism Legend is Tangkuban Perahu Mount

About 1.5 hours from Bandung, it is yet another crater from a volcano in Indonesia that is worth the visit for the sheer awe of the view from the top. This may be second best to Kawah Putih but still worth to visit.

  • The Breathtaking Bandung Tourism Villa Isola

Built by an Italian millionaire and perched at the northern part of Bandung overlooking a breathtaking view of the city to the south. This is one tourist attractions not to be missed.

  • The Bandung Tourism Nostalgia Gedung Sate and The View

Built and used by the Dutch companies, it is popular for its satay food decoration. It has 6 ornaments symbolizing 6 million guldens. Now it is used as the office for West Java governor. Luckily, the place is open to public and don’t forget to have a good chill and drink at the top floor while overlooking the city.

  • Historic Bandung Tourism Building for Asian African Conference Gedung Merdeka

Another architectural wonder built for the rich previously and then made famous for hosting the first Asian-African conference. Though not much of an attraction but worth to take a look if you are nearby.

We will discuss more on our blog exploring Bandung Tourism to show you the best of what Bandung have to offer in terms of things to do and attractions to see. You will be amazed how you can enjoy yourself so much without actually really spending a lot, especially good for budget travelers who are backpacking in Indonesia, though carrying a lot of things after the shopping is another story altogether! And absolutely Rental Mobil Bandung is really recommended to be used.

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